When it comes to choosing bathroom accessories, you can go with the most functional or elegant style. While some items are easily available, others may require installation, so make sure to research the installation process before making a purchase. Drilled-in accessories can handle heavier items, while movable ones can be easily moved. Although they require more frequent maintenance and cleaning, drilled accessories can be moved around without having to unbolt them. If you’re going for a contemporary look, opt for a more minimalistic or streamlined look.

1. You may find it difficult to decide which bathroom items you will discard. Before decluttering your bathroom, you should have trash bags and bins for recyclable items handy. Start by tossing out broken, opened, or damaged items. Relocate items you seldom use. If you’re unsure of where to put the items you no longer use, check the expiration date. Make sure you always have a place for the items that you do use.

2. For those who don’t want to part with their old razors, consider getting a subscription box. Not only will this save you money, but you’ll have fresh blades delivered to your door each month. Hairbrushes and combs tend to accumulate gunk, so you might want to replace them every six months. You might also consider donating trial sizes to charity, or you could send them to an Airbnb host. However, keep perfumes out of the bathroom due to temperature fluctuations.

3. Toilet paper is a necessity for any bathroom. Cottonelle toilet paper is a good choice, and you can purchase a stand-up toilet paper holder or basket to store extras. Using a stand-up toilet paper holder keeps your toilet paper within easy reach when you need to refill. You’ll have enough towels to dry everyone and the extras can be stored in the same location. You’ll be glad you purchased a reusable towel set for your bathroom!

4. A bathroom mirror is another important bathroom item. Not only is it useful for shaving and preparing for the day, but it also gives the bathroom a sense of space. And many bathroom mirrors have drawers to store all your other bathroom necessities. Some of them even have integrated lighting and can be mounted flush to the wall. The mirror is also very useful for securing other bathroom items, like toothpaste, shampoo, and towels. You might also want to invest in an electric mirror or a bathroom vanity to give your bathroom the extra space it needs.

5. Towels should be replaced every two years. If you find that the towels are beyond repair, donate them to a shelter for animals, or use them as pet mats in your car. For those who are too lazy to spend money on new towels, a pair of cheap hand towels can be stored near the sink for use during messy times. Bath towels are often covered with bacteria, so if you’re not careful, you could be spreading germs through your bathroom.

6. In addition to the basic essentials, it is also important to have bathroom curtains. Shower curtains are an absolute must-have item, and there’s a curtain for every color, pattern, and texture you can imagine. Shower curtains can even make a personal statement in a small bathroom. Be sure to pick the right size for the stall, tub, and rod. You’ll also need to choose the length of the curtains and the width of the stall.


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