Not all pressure washers are the same. Many have different systems, which are identified by water temperature. Here we put cold water pressure washers vs. hot water pressure washers in perspective, so you can make sure you don’t buy the wrong one and then have to return it.

Both cold and hot water pressure washers have similar and in many cases exactly the same models. They generally have either the same pressure or the same cleaning capacity. However, the water temperature can also be relevant when cleaning.

There is no one better than the other, everything will depend on the use that will be given to the pressure washer. Without a doubt, water temperature plays a fundamental role.

Hot or cold water can determine the effectiveness of the cleaning, depending on the surface to be cleaned. It is for this reason that it is necessary to know what can be done with one and what can be done with the other before buying a pressure washer.

Coldwater pressure washers

Coldwater pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt from surfaces. They can be used on concrete and even metal surfaces and are quite useful for washing several surfaces at the same time when using a handheld machine.

Unlike hot water pressure washers, they owe their capacity and effectiveness to the water pressure generated by the machine, which is capable of removing dust and dirt. By adding products such as soap or detergent to the water, it is possible for the pressure washer to work much better.

For surfaces such as wood or plastic, cold water pressure washers will be the best option, since using hot water on such materials can cause them to deform due to the high temperatures.

Basically, cold water pressure washers are the best choice for more delicate surfaces and for removing dirt such as mud or sand. This type of dirt is much easier to remove, without so much effort, just with a little pressure.

If you need to clean fragile coated surfaces, a cold water wash is perfect for leaving them sparkling clean, without the use of heat. Coldwater pressure washing can remove dirt in a short time, so you won’t need as much energy consumption.

Hot water pressure washers

The hot water pressure washers have a system capable of heating the water pumped through them. In this way, the temperature rises and the machine expels hot water.

The high temperature of the water, added to the steam produced, makes it much easier to dissolve dirt such as oil, even without the use of detergents or other cleaning products.

Unlike cold water pressure washers, those that use hot water give better results when it comes to stains or more difficult to remove dirt such as oil and grease.

However, while the water pressure and high temperature mean more power to remove tougher stains and dirt, it can also mean damage to surfaces such as wood, plastic, and even car paint, as they cannot withstand this level of temperature and can be damaged.

In order to choose between them, it is certainly necessary to analyze which surfaces are cleaned more frequently, as well as the budget. It will be necessary to put into perspective the higher energy consumption with the hot water pressure washers, and the use of detergent with the cold water ones.


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