If you are a whiskey lover, we are sure you hate arriving at the bottom of the whiskey bottle. It is understandable how you feel when a great whiskey is over, and you might not be able to discard it because you cherished this whiskey bottle with all your heart.

You can creatively use empty whiskey bottles to make them a part of your home forever. If you want to recycle and creatively utilize a bottle of whiskey, use them as a soap dispenser, whiskey chandelier, or whiskey bottle lamp.

This article has mentioned some of the most amazing and unique ideas to give your whiskey bottle a new life. But remember, some DIY projects require power tools and other heavy equipment, so take some precautionary measures first.

· Soap Dispenser

If you are a lover of smaller whiskey bottles, that’s great. Small bottles can be put to good use as a soap dispensers. You can use it even as a lotion dispenser. For this, just rinse the bottle, add soap or lotion liquid and attach a dispenser nozzle on top.

· Turn It into a Vase

Whiskey bottles are perfect for holding any kind of liquid like water. You can use these bottles to make a great flower vase. Alibaba offers a variety of empty whiskey bottles you can get to turn into a vase. Just remove the label, wash them or paint them anything you like. Take some beautiful flowers and arrange them in a bottle elegantly.

· Whiskey Bottle Lamp

Use a DIY whiskey lamp to light up your life. If you think you can make it yourself or not? You can make a dedicated whiskey lamp for your room or house. Use a whiskey bottle to make one a perfect gift for your fellow whiskey lover.

· Use it as a Lantern

Recycle your whisky bottle as an outdoor lantern without any heavy tools. By lighting these DIY lanterns, you can choose a different style of whiskey bottles to make your garden look dreamy. By making these kinds of lanterns, you will be known as the person who has the coolest lightning in the neighborhood.

· Convert Whiskey Bottle into Planter

You can use your creative ideas to convert whiskey bottle into perfect planters for indoor succulents and make your office desk even more beautiful. Get any shape of a whiskey bottle; it can be round, square, or other uniquely shaped to male some interesting and eccentric planters for your side tables.

· Turn Whiskey Bottle into a Candle Container

If you are not a big crafty but want to reuse your whiskey bottle, turning it into a candle is one of the easiest ways. Just cut the glass, follow safety precautions and fill the bottom part with scented candle wax and a wick. Wait until it dries out, and you are done.


Recycling empty whiskey bottles is the best way to keep them close. If you are a whiskey lover and love to collect bottles, DIY them to make your surroundings look beautiful is a great way to store them. Above, we have listed down some of the most creative ideas that you can recycle your bottle.


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