Your car brake caliper is a very important component of its braking system and for the efficient running of your vehicle, it must have an efficient properly worked brake caliper. But sometimes the brake caliper sticks or does not work properly but how do I know if my brake caliper is bad? For this purpose, you need to do some inspection that we have described in the given article.

If your car is producing an abnormal sound or is vibrating then there is something wrong with it but to confirm if that is the bad brake caliper that is causing the problem read the given article.

Step By Step Guideline To Know If Brake Caliper Is Bad or Not

Sticking brake calipers is very common especially when your vehicle ages. To find out whether your vehicle brake caliper is bad or not you have to follow some simple steps as described below:

Step 1. Regular Maintenance and Inspection

The first thing that everyone should do is inspect the braking system of their vehicle during regular maintenance. Many technicians perform the braking inspection but if not then you can schedule it specifically once a year so you can spot the issue before any big damage.

Step 2. Look For Leakage

The next thing that you can do is look if your vehicle is leaking any fluid. If yes then your car needs to fix it urgently as it can be dangerous because in these situations the vehicle braking system loses hydraulic pressure. You can easily inspect the leakage on the ground between the tires.

Step 3. Notice Any Abnormal Sound

Most of the time bad brake calipers produce strange sounds. These can be the brake pads that create a squealing noise when they are wearing out. At the initial stage it is a rubbing sound but if it is neglected then can escalate to a metallic scraping or grinding sound.

Step 4. Test If Your Car Is Pulling To One Direction

A bad brake caliper can pull your vehicle to one side. This is because the brake pad squeezes and releases when you press the brake pedal or let it go. But if the caliper is stuck then the pad may not grab the rotor or release it in the first place.

A simple test that you can perform to inspect this is by safely removing your hands from the steering wheel while driving. If you notice that your car is pulling to the right side or the left side then this means that it needs to be inspected.

Final Verdict

Your vehicle brake caliper is made very strong but some of its components may wear out with time. A bad brake caliper can cause issues with braking and can be dangerous so it is necessary to spot it at the right time. Read the given article to know how you can know if your vehicle brake caliper is bad or not.


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