A woman’s hair is one of her best beauty assets. This, therefore, explains the fact that hair goes through a lot of manipulation to give women the look they aim for. From bleaching to colouring, and heat application, a lot of manipulation tends to take a toll on a woman’s hair. This and the fact that women may feel the need to change their look entirely from the one that is achievable with their natural hair.

Apart from the fact that wigs might be useful for styling, women with hair challenges might want to wear wigs to conceal these issues and maintain their self-esteem. These hair issues might include ones gotten from hair damage from over-manipulation, genetic or product-induced hair problem, or even hair problems resulting from health inadequacies. What can you say, wigs do not only add to women’s beauty, it also covers their insecurities.

Resulting from the necessity of wigs for their different purposes, the styles and types of wigs have also evolved and developed over time. The bob wig is one of the types of wigs that have evolved. Starting as a wig worn in the British courts, the stylishness and pliability of the style have made the bob wig a trendy summer style today.

Does that mean that it can only be worn during summer? Of course not! The possibilities of a bob wig are endless. You should keep reading to find out more.


1. It defines face shape

Bob wigs frame the face, attracting all the attention to the face. Unlike longer wigs that draw attention to the hair itself, bob wigs which tend to be shorter aid in defining the face by concentrating their charms on the face. It is however important to wear the right colour tone of bob wigs, you do not want to go out looking like a fat joke.

2. Convenience

Due to their relatively short length, bob wigs are easy to wear and don’t give much trouble to navigate when worn. Also, it is not just easy to wear, bob wigs are also easy to style. It also prevents heat in summer or warmer climates.

3. It is trendy

Bob wigs have graduated from the dorky courtroom wig to a trendy, more popular style. Whether the chin bob, A-line bob, inverted bob, Lob wigs, messy bob, or even textured bob, bob wig is a trend that seems not to be going away anytime soon.

4. Easy maintenance

The size of the bob wigs makes it easy to wash, dry, and condition at regular intervals. Because they take a shorter time to dry, it decides to wash them easier to take. And you know what? You need even lesser hair products to maintain it.

5. Styling

Unlike formerly believed, bob wigs now have an assortment of styles you can make with them. A pixie cut, a short chin-length bob, a blunt cut, an A-Cut, among the others are styles that you can make with a bob wig.


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