The things that are not being used, should be stored. So that they can be used only when they are needed. Moreover, these things should have easy storage, so that they can be accessed easily. The pressure washer is such an important device that makes your house, machinery, and other equipment neat and clean. So, when it is not in use for a long time, then there is an urgent need to properly store them in a suitable place. This storing will make it safer from damage. Mostly, the storing of pressure washers is done during winters. There is a whole process of storing it. We will discuss that process in this article.

The process of easy storage:

Simply taking the pressure washer and putting it in a store is an easy task. But this is not easy storing. An easy storing would be that when you have easy access to that pressure washer. You can take it easily from the storage place and move it to the place where you need it. The size of the pressure should be such that it can be easily transported and easily stored. The weight of your device should be balanced. It should not be too high and too low. These features of your cleaning machine will make storage easy.

For storing, you should follow a whole process. You have to check every component separately. All the risks that can damage the device during the storage period, should be eliminated. Moreover, storage should be such that, when you take out the device after the off-season, it would not require any repairs.

Fuel and oil check:

The fuel of the engine is taken and the engine is made empty. The engine of the pressure washer is turned on to burn the remaining fuel. Then it is cleaned from inside and outside by blowing air. Then the lubricant oil of the engine is removed, and new oil is introduced. Then it is again turned on so that oil is distributed in the engine. It is done so that engine remains lubricated to some extent during the storage and it would not corrode.

Pump cleaning- The most important part of checking before storage

The pump is said to be the heart of the pressure washers. It is the part of the pressure washers that throws the high velocity and high-pressure water. So, its safety during storage is much more important as compared to other parts. So, before storing the device, the pump is made empty. All the water should be drained from the pump. Then the air is also blown across the pump, to remove any water bubbles.

Pipes, valves, and nozzle check:

After cleaning and checking all the main parts, other parts are checked such as inlet pipe, outlet pipe, valves, and nozzles, etc. The water is removed from the pipes and air is blown. Then all valves are tightly closed. The nozzle, from which high-pressure water releases, is cleaned thoroughly. Then, it is also cleaned and sealed. Then the device is transported to the storage place and covered with some insulating sheet.


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